Tc's has the ability to cater to groups from 10 to 100.

The casual happy hour in the bar, more formal luncheon/dinner

in our dining room or a combination of both. 

From holiday parties to birthday parties to baptisms, business luncheon to family reunions... we are here for you and your guests!

Catering Menu 2012.2013



You have come to the right place!

TC's is happy to offer our patio, bar and/or dining room (as well as off site catering) for your special event.  Whether a holiday celebration, happy hour party, reunion, family get together, birthday, business meeting or fundraiser, Todd Conner's can and will cater to your every need!

If you are looking for catering please review our menu below.  Call as soon as you know your event date to ensure delivery availability.  (We prefer 48 hours in advance minimum). 

If your event is on location we ask you to take  a moment to answer these basic questions from our Banquet/Catering Information Form.  This will ensure we are able to put together the food and drink menu to please both your palate and budget.

-Your Name ___________________________

-Contact Information: email and phone ___________________________

-Tentative Event Date(s) ___________________________

-Estimated Event Time(s)/Time Frame _____________________________

-Estimated Number of Guests ______________________

-Type of Event ie sit down dinner, happy hour, christening, luncheon, brunch, off site catering etc


-Food and Bar Preferences: _____________________________________________________


       -Consider the atmposphere/style of your event-ie seated meal, finger foods etc

       -Guest food likes and dislikes-ie vegetarian, hearty, seafood; non-drinkers, wine lovers, beer

        lovers, specialty mavens

-Estimated Budget/Range_______________________________________________________

Submit the above to and leave the work to us!

Using your basic event information, our catering manager will prepare some sample proposals and then will work with you to finalize your particular event and do so on budget!  Now isn't that a load off your mind?!  You know you can expect great food, great service and little to no effort on your part!

We look forward to working with you on your next party, fundraiser or corporate event: or 410-537-5005

Please contact a TC's manager to discuss additional on site banquet/party food and drink menu options.


Catering Menu 2012.2013


All dressings served on the side (2 dressings provided unless noted otherwise).
Additional toppings available upon request/availability.


Garden Salad(serves 10-15)

Mixed greens, tomato, cucumber, carrot, red onion and a side of crispy tortilla strips. $35


Winter Seasonal Salad (serves 10-15)

Field greens, apple slices, Gorgonzola cheese,
Candied pecans and Raspberry vinaigrette. $55


Summer Seasonal Salad(serves 10-15)

Mixed greens topped with onion, tomato, and avocado. Lemon tarragon vinaigrette. $55


Caesar Salad (serves 10-15)

Romaine, roasted red pepper, shaved parmesan, tortilla crisps, roasted corn with Caesar dressing $45


Salad Add Ons:
Grilled/Blackened/Buffalo/Fried Chicken-$3 p. person

Steak-$5 p. person



Steak Salad (serves 8-12)

Garden Salad served with blue cheese or cheddar/jack blend and medium steak on the side $75


Crispy Chicken Salad (serves 8-12)

Garden Salad served with blue cheese or cheddar/jack blend and crispy chicken on the side. Chicken tossed in traditional hot sauce by request. $65



Deconstructed Cheese Steaklettuce/tomato/fried onion/mayo and Amorosa rolls $8 p.p.


Pulled Pork BBQ slider or sandwich with fixings $5 per person


Angus Sliders topped with American with lettuce/tomato/pickle on the side (2 p.person) $5 p.p.



Wrap Tray-serves 10-14 people w/ choice of cheese, lettuce, tomato and condiment

Meat-$8       Veggie-$6

Seafood-$11        Combo-$9


Veggie Tray- medium (serves roughly 20 people) $65


Seasonal Fruit Tray-medium (serves roughly 15) $60


Finger Foods

Crab bites- with lemon and red peppers aoli.

2-3 per person. $10 per person


Pigs in a Blanket-with chipotle honey mustard

(30 each-serves 10-15 persons) $45


Signature Meatballs

(30 each-serves 10-15 persons) $45


Cheddar and Potato Pierogies- Sautéed or Fried

(30 each-serves 10-15 persons) $45


Wings Choose: bbq, traditional, old bay, honey old bay, Road Rash with blue cheese, carrot/celery 1/2 pan (5Lbs-serves 10-15) $50 Full Pan (10Lbs-serves 25-30) $95


 Lunch/Dinner Entrée Items
* make it a sandwich-with bread and fixings


Pulled Pork BBQ* $5 per person

Signature Meatloaf* Served with gravy $5 per person 

Chicken* Your choice of style: Grilled, Blackened, BBQ or specialty $6 per person

TC Signature Crab Cakes*

Served with red pepper aioli and lemon. Made with jumbo lump and colossal lump crab meat.

1 per person- $12              2 per person- $20 per person

 Pasta Your choice of sauce $4 per person
Add Ins: home-made meatballs, Chicken, bacon, vegetable for additional charge

Mac and Cheese Casserole 1/2 pan (serves 12-15) $55
Add Chicken, bacon, steak, crab or mushroom for an additional charge


Sides* all sides are house made
Pricing based on quantities ordered

TC's Signature Chips-Buttermilk Biscuits

Balsamic Pasta Salad-Coleslaw

Smashed Potatoes-Sautéed Broccoli
Sautéed Mushroom

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